Ontario Folk Dance Camp Goes Virtual! – May 22

Ontario Folk Dance Camp Goes Virtual!

Saturday, May 22, 2021, 7 – 10 p.m. Eastern

Our Featured Guests Are:
Lucia Cordeiro – Brazilian Dances
Vlasto Petkovski – Macedonian Dances

7:00 – 8:00 Eastern Teaching
8:00 – 10:00 Eastern Dance Party With Various Leaders

Poster here.
Registration Link: OFDC Registration
For more information visit: www.ontariofolkdancecamp.ca

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June Camp on June 4-6 – Registration is open

June Camp, the Midwest’s residential extended folk dance weekend, is moving to Zoom for 2021 and will take place on the usual weekend, June 4 – 6.
This year we will be bringing all the artistic excellence, community, and that special feeling of June Camp to you in the safety of your own home as June Camp goes online.  Join us for:

  • Workshops from 2 excellent teachers: Lee Otterholt (Balkan) and Penny Brichta (Israeli)
  • Bonus workshop and Golden Oldies with Jaap Leegwater (Bulgarian)
  • The Dance Exchange, where dances you’ve requested are reviewed (request by April 12!)
  • Happy Hour-and-a-half – an informal time for singing, dancing, and socializing
  • The Hospitality Room – breakout rooms for when you don’t want to dance
  • Saturday’s dance party with Tom Pixton and friends
  • Retrospectives of past June Camps and personalities

Free registration is open now. You will receive a personalized Zoom link to attend all events.
Please support June Camp and our artists through monetary contributions. Incentives are offered.
Find further information as well as the registration link and Dance Exchange request link on the June Camp website at https://sites.google.com/site/junecampifd/.
Email: with questions or to join the mailing list.

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San Diego Folk Dance Center International Dance April 3

San Diego Folk Dance Center International Dance April 3

6:30 pm Pacific time: social time
7 pm – 10 pm Pacific time: dancing
Chin Yu, hosting
Featuring Kathy R’s and Carol C’s favorite dances tonight. So there’ll be some really good dances in the lineup!

To join our Zoom dance session, go to the San Diego Folk Dance Center’s website/Newsletter page, scroll down to “Join Zoom Meeting,” and click on the Zoom link there. Here’s the link to the Newsletter page:

Come dance with us this evening!
Cost: Free

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Dance workshop with Yannis Konstantinou – Kypseli – Apr 3

Greek Dance Workshop
with Yannis Konstantinou

Live Stream from Lake Prespa, in the Florina region of Greece
1:00 pm PDT * 4:00 pm EDT * 23:00 in Greece
Click here to join the event on Zoom

Yannis Konstantinou has hosted seminars in the Lake Prespa region of NW Greece every August, attracting hundreds of international dance enthusiasts.

His passion for traditional music and dance began in his childhood, dancing with his family in his parents’ villages of Alona and Akrites in the Florina region of Greece. Today, his knowledge extends beyond that of the Greek Macedonian people indigenous to the area.  More about Yannis can be found here.

The Kypseli website is here.
Contact email: 

Donations welcome via PayPal to  or via Venmo @jozef-bilman.
Or if you wish to send a check, please email Jozef , or Anne at  ($15 suggested.)

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“Cool Oldies” – Online Dance Workshop with Roberto Mar 28

“Cool Oldies”
– Online Dance Workshop with Roberto

“Are you interested in learning some of my old dances likeHora din Moldova, Dinata, Te Joci cu Focul or Hopai Diri Dai?

Join Roberto Sunday, March 28th in his Online Dance Workshop “Cool Oldies” — a workshop about some of his favorite dances, starting at 19.00 CET (10.00am PDT, 12.00 pm CDT and 1.00pm EDT).

To join Roberto via zoom, click here.
For more information, email me at  or check the website: morenu.it

The Workshop is free.
If you would like to make a donation, follow the instructions on the website: www.morenu.it

Please spread the word and share it with your folk dance friends.
It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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NEFFA Presents the New England Folk Festival 2021 Online April 23-25

NEFFA Presents the New England Folk Festival 2021 Online!

See flyer here.

April 23-25, 2021

Featuring Over 100 LIVE sessions on Zoom!

• To register, please visit www.neffa.org

Participatory Dance – Contras, International Folk, English Country, Scottish, Scandinavian, Morris, and more!

Singing & Music-making – Song swaps, singalongs, workshops, concerts, jamming

Concert Performances – Dancers, singers, instrumentalists, storytelling

Videos – Collaborative community video projects, recorded performances and workshops

Crafts and Folk Bazaar listings on the NEFFA website!

The Year That Zoomed By at FACONE – March 27

The Year That Zoomed By
with Marcie Van Cleave and Ahmet Lüleci

Saturday, March 27: Noon–? ET (9am – ? PT)

Online via Zoom – To benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England

Celebrate with us as we commemorate the anniversary of when the Folk Arts Center aired its first Saturday afternoon workshop!

Who would have thought that 52 weeks later we would still be spending Saturday afternoons dancing together? Not to mention enjoying a Thursday SOFA (Some Other Folk Arts) series. And adding a Sunday late afternoon community dance?

But here we are, so we must celebrate! We are inviting all the teachers who have graced our online stage lo all these Saturdays to join us in leading a dance party! The program will be posted on the website when completed.

You’ll have the chance to review videos of the dances before the event as demonstrated by the teachers themselves! This collection of videos are reviews of the dances that will be programmed.

Visit our shop buy access to a collection of review videos, and support FAC’s programming.

Also note the earlier start time. We know the date is not ideal, […]

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Sharing Dance Older Adults with Canada’s National Ballet School

The new Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Older Adults website and app are now live!

This also means that the first batch of classes for the Spring session is now available! On this new platform, you’ll find more, easier-to-access content. In addition, you’ll be able to temporarily download classes within the app so that you can dance offline.

To access the newest classes, please head over to oa.sharingdance.ca and create an account. The process of creating an account on our new website is much simpler, but if you need any assistance in creating an account, please see our how-to guides or email me directly. My colleagues and I are standing by and ready to help you create a new account so that you can keep on dancing!

Once you log in to the Sharing Dance Older Adults website, you’ll notice that there are several new classes now available for you to dance along with. Moving forward, classes will be released in batches, approximately every six weeks, rather than a single class once a week.

You’ll also notice a few other changes:

  • Seated has become In Your Seat
  • Standing with Seated Options has become On Your Feet (with seated options)

It’s still the same teachers, classes and content you’ve grown to enjoy, just presented a little […]

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The Laguna-San Antonio Spring Festival – March 12-14

Date:  March 12 – 14, 2021

Festival Theme: “Dancing in the Sun”

This weekend!

The Laguna-San Antonio Spring Festival will hold a weekend of teaching, music, performance and dance parties!

Get your dancing shoes on for an entire weekend of non-stop dancing fun!

Registration is free.
For more information and to register please go to: springfestival.us

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Culture Corner with Yves Moreau and France Bourque-Moreau at FACONE Feb 27

Yves Moreau and France Bourque-Moreau Culture Corner

Saturday, February 27: 2–4:00pm EST

Online via Zoom – To benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England

World-renowned dance teachers and cultural emissaries Yves Moreau and France Bourque-Moreau will share memories of their Montreal-based folk ensemble «Les Gens de mon Pays» with whom they performed for 15 years in North America and Europe and show video excerpts from some of their performances

Yves will also share other interesting film clips and photos from Bulgaria. France will talk about her work teaching folk dances in public elementary schools in Quebec as part of a government subsidized program as well as some of her other projects over the years. There will be time set aside to answer your questions.

Learn more about Yves and France on their website.

Visit What you need to join to set up your computer or device to join the workshop online.
Donate on the FACONE website.
Please donate generously to FAC and help us through this period of social distancing when all of our events are postponed. We suggest a $10 minimum for attending this […]

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Dances from Brittany and Albania with Sibylle Helmer at FACONE Feb 20

Dances from Brittany and Albania
with Sibylle Helmer

Saturday, February 20: 2–4:00pm EST

Online via Zoom – To benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England

Sibylle Helmer has been teaching for more than 30 years in the international folk dance world, especially in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, England, Austria, Italy and Canada. She attends workshops of various teachers at home and abroad in order to keep up with the latest developments and continuously increase her knowledge. With her foundation Dansevent.nl, she organizes workshops, courses and festivals in the Netherlands with teachers from the Netherlands and abroad.

After her studies to become a French and Dutch language teacher, she stayed for six months in Paris as an au-pair. It was there where she first encountered Breton music and dance. Many summers after that, she went to Brittany for courses and festivals and thus her first specialty, Breton dance, was born.

Since 2010 she has been going to Albania regularly to learn more about that country’s dance, culture, history, and language. And so now she has developed her second specialty: Albanian dance. This week’s workshop will feature dances from […]

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Online Bulgarian Dance Workshops with Jaap Leegwater Feb 16 & 23

Online Bulgarian Dance Workshop with Jaap Leegwater!

The Burnaby International Folk Dancers are sponsoring two dance workshops with Jaap Leegwater on Tuesday, February 16th and 23rd.  Both workshops are from 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm (PST).

Jaap is an experienced and dynamic workshop leader specializing in Bulgarian dance and culture for over 30 years. During his numerous research and field trips to Bulgaria, Jaap collected and recorded many original dances and songs from village elders throughout the country and he and his accordionist, Jan Wollring are excited to share these two dance workshops with us. There is no charge for the workshops and everyone is welcome.

Hope to see you all there!  Lori and Chrisanne

Zoom link below to BIFD weekly Zoom sessions and to Jaap’s workshops on Tuesday, February 16th and 23rd – 7:30 – 10:00 pm (PST)
Meeting ID: 995 0493 2576
Passcode: Bifd (Uppercase ‘B’ lowercase ‘ifd’)

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Balkan and Israeli Dance Workshops with Roberto Bagnoli – Feb 13

Balkan and Israeli Dance Workshops
with Roberto Bagnoli
as part of The Flurry Festival

Saturday, February 13
2-2:55pm ET — Balkan dance workshop
3-3:55pm ET — Israeli dance workshop

The Folk Arts Center’s weekly Saturday workshop is migrating from home this Saturday!

Roberto Bagnoli and Marcie Van Cleave will be with you on Saturday at our usual time, from 2-4,… but there are a few differences you will notice from previous Saturdays! Our workshop is the result of another collaboration between organizing groups: the Folk Arts Center and The Flurry.

The Flurry is a dance and music weekend, usually held in Saratoga Springs, New York, but being presented online this year. Visit The Flurry’s website for more information.

The Flurry is selling tickets for the weekend; the “economy level” is $25. There are many events happening from Friday through Sunday. Visit the performer list for details.

Some of the other workshops you might be interested in (in addition to Roberto’s on Saturday) include:

  • Pierre Chartrand – Quebecois Step Dance
  • Cheres – Ukraine and Yiddish Band
  • Henry Goldberg – Balkan Song leader
  • Ralph Iverson – Balkan Jam leader
  • Roo Lester – Hambo workshop and Scandinavian dances for Covid times!
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Rhythm & Drumming for Folk Dancers with Polly Feb 13


Saturday, February 13, 2021
3pm – 4:15pm MDT (2-3:15pm PT)

Registration required. $10 per class.

Due to popular demand, we’re continuing these exciting lessons as a recurring series!. Polly Tapia Ferber makes hearing, counting, and playing various dance rhythms accessible and enjoyable. Use any hand drum available: A doumbek, a djembe, a coffee can…your feet know the drill; now your hands and brain can get in on the fun!

Full information here.

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Mainewoods Dance Camp 2021 – A Virtual Day at Camp Feb 13

Mainewoods Dance Camp

Just one week away!
A Virtual Day at Camp
Saturday, February 13, 2021
beginning at 11am EST
Meeting ID: 869 9258 6607
Passcode: 257715

There’s loads of dancing!
3 workshops, a review, an evening party and late night dancing!
Send us 2 or 3 dance requests for the evening Dance Party and/or Late Night Dancing.

and more ways to have fun:
A culture corner, Singing and making music, and cooking!
Sing and play along to Dobra Nevesco, Opincuta, and Tragnala Rumjana with Debby Szajnberg. The link to the music is

Make a Romanian dinner with recipes from our chef, Riki, who has offered many recipes for your Virtual Day.

and even more ways to have fun!

Make a video of a folk dance being done in snow shoes or swim fins. Be creative! Any folk dance will do but you will get extra points for including a grapevine. Videos due ASAP. Copy your video into this folder.

Chat with folks in dinner time breakout rooms. We’ll create new breakout rooms for each course, so you can choose whether to come for Mocktails and Cocktails, Main […]

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Steve Kotansky at FACONE Jan 30

Kolos and Konversation
with Steve Kotansky

Saturday, January 30, 2–4:00pm EST

Online via Zoom – To benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England

Steve will present an afternoon of kolos for all “kolo maniacs” of yore with a focus on “Old Tyme Kolos” as they still survive in Hungary and Vojvodina. We will revisit old favorites such as Veliko Kolo, Kukunješće, Gajdaško, Malo Bunjevačko Kolo, and others. The presentation will including film materials.

Steve Kotansky danced with the prestigious AMAN Folk Ensemble plus many other groups, before becoming a dance major at the University of California at Los Angeles. He made his first research trip to Hungary and former Yugoslavia in 1970. While living in Germany for a number of years, Steve took advantage of his proximity to Balkan and Eastern European countries to pursue the study and research of their dances. He also lived in Bucovina for a while learning local folklore.

Most recently, Steve has been researching Albanian and Roma dance from the Diaspora and continues his work and research in Balkan and Central European countries. He is particularly interested in dance culture as it […]

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Jaap Leegwater and Jan Wollring at Friday Night L.I.F.E. – Jan 29

Jaap Leegwater with live music by Jan Wollring

January 29, 2021, 7:45 10pm Pacific Time

Time: Doors open at 7:45 pm PT with warm up dances from our “Jaap repertoire.” Jaap will start just after 8 pm PT and teach for most of the evening.

E-Mail  for the link 

We are happy to bring you, live from The Netherlands (at 5am), Jaap Leegwater. Jaap is known worldwide for his fun teaching and having introduced dances including Karamfil, Dobrudžanska Pandela, and Mari Marijko. He began his dance career in The Netherlands, where he earned one of his degrees in international folk dance, specializing in Bulgarian folk dance and choreography. Jaap studied at the State Choreographer’s school in Sofia and Plovdiv, living there for two years; he regularly returns to Bulgaria to update his studies and make new recordings.

Accompanying Jaap live will be accordionist Jan Wollring, whom we met at Facone. Jan was the regular accompanist of Bulgarian singer Galina Durmushliyska during the years she lived in the Netherlands.
Sherry Cochran, Joan Hantman, and Tom Bozigian and Sheree King will be on hand for this special evening.

Jaap has made his music available to us by request for a $15 donation to L.I.F.E. He has insisted that […]

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Welcome Chinese New Year with San Diego folk dancers – Feb 6

San Diego Folk Dance Center Prepares to Welcome Chinese New Year!

February 6, 2021, 6:30pm to 10pm Pacific Time

Out with the Rat and in with Ox! Let’s prepare to welcome in the Chinese New Year of the Ox with some Chinese dances!
Also featuring Gail Wilson’s favorites and lots of Steve Kotansky dances!

  • 6:30 p.m PT: Social time, and Zoom audio and video checks
  • 7:00 p.m PT: Kin and Chin will teach us Chinese dances for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Then we’ll be highlighting favorite dances of Gail Wilson, our featured member of the night, as well as Steve Kotansky dances. What a great mix!
  • Request dancing at the end as host and time allow.

To connect, go to the San Diego Folk Dance Center website Newsletter at: folkdancecenter.org/newsletter.html. Scroll down the page to “Join Zoom Meeting” and click on the link.

See you there!
Chin Yu and Kin Ho

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Brazil Balkan/International Dance Workshop with Ira – Jan 30

Brazil Balkan/International Dance Workshop in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Saturday, January⋅ 30

1 – 3 pm ET

Local (Rio de Janeiro) time: 3 pm  5 pm Brasilia Standard Time

Ira Weisburd is teaching a 2-hour Balkan/International Dance Workshop in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Ira says:  You are all welcome to join me and dancers from Brazil and around the World at this very special workshop.  To join and get the special ZOOM link, email Anna De Jesus at:  or Silvia Baldino at: silviarbaldino@gmail.com

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