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San Diego Folk Dance Center’s International and Line-dance Sessions

Please join us for San Diego Folk Dance Center’s international and line-dance sessions!  We dance twice a month on irregular Saturdays, 6:30pm to 10 or 11pm, trying to work around other big events in the international dance world. For schedule and information and to get on our mailing list, please contact John Knapp at .

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NuLine Dance Workshop with Ira Weisburd Tuesday mornings

Come enjoy a one hour line dance workshop with Ira Weisburd featuring some of his most popular dances done around the world.

Every Tuesday morning at 10:30am EDT (that’s 7:30am PT)

Facebook “Live”:

Contact person: Ira Weisburd ( )

Free Workshop. Donations can be sent to: (20% of the proceeds are donated to the LDF Line Dance Foundation to assist the many instructors who have lost their classes due to COVID-19)

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Dance with Ira Weisburd Update

See Ira’s recent post about his Facebook Live Dancing classes here.

Here’s the list of dances Ira did on April 4 (Saturday morning).

Ira’s upcoming events are here.


  • every TUESDAY (LINE DANCE 10:30am – 12:30pm EDT [7:30am PDT]),
  • every MONDAY (ISRAELI DANCE 7pm – 9:30pm EDT [4pm PDT]).

These classes are FREE !!

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Dance with Ira Weisburd with Facebook Live

Virtual Dance Classes with Ira Weisburd on Facebook Live!

I participated this evening in his Israeli dance class – it was great! I didn’t know most of the dances, but they were not too difficult and Ira is, of course, a most amazing instructor and talked through the dances to make them easier to pick up. He also taught a few dances in detail.

Israeli Dancing Virtual Classes – Every Monday 4pm PT – live on Facebook

Line Dance Class – Every Tuesday 7:30am PT – live on Facebook (that’s right – very early in the morning – not so bad in Florida)

Balkan Dancing coming soon!

You DO NOT have to be a Facebook User or Facebook Friend to tune in and participate in the class.  Simply click on or copy and paste the link into your browser.  When you become a “follower” on Ira’s page, you will get an automatic alert when Ira goes “Live”.

From Ira’s message:

To have the best virtual dance experience, please prepare the following in advance.  Find an area or clear an area in your home which is at least 12 feet […]

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