Dance Workshops with Ira Weisburd now on YouTube Live

Ira Weisburd’s dance workshops are now on YouTube Live.

Use this link to search for Ira on YouTube, then click the button to Subscribe. You will be notified whenever Ira goes live.

NULINE DANCE PARTY is tomorrow, 10:30 am ET, Wednesday, September 30, 2020

On Thursday, October 1st at 10:30am ET and every Thursday, Ira gives a Special NuLine Dance Workshop on his Youtube Channel:


  • Saturday Afternoon  Balkan & International Folk Dance Class at 1pm EDT,
  • Monday night (7pm EDT) Israeli Dance Class and
  • Thursday afternoon (1pm EDT) Israeli Dance Class

Contact person: Ira Weisburd ( )

Free Workshop. Donations can be sent to: (20% of the proceeds are donated to the LDF Line Dance Foundation to assist the many instructors who have lost their classes due to COVID-19)

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Yiddish Dance workshop taught by Steve Weintraub Sept 23

Yiddish Dance II

Yiddish Dance workshop taught by Steve Weintraub focusing on individual styling.
Registration closes at noon Central Time Wed Sept 23.
Class is 5:30-7:00 Central Time also on Wed Sept 23.

Registration $15 here:

For more information contact:

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Roberto Bagnoli Together while Apart Classes Tues & Weds

Together while Apart

Visit Roberto’s website for all the details and to make a donation – Thanks! From 21.00 to 23.00 CEST
(3.00-5.00 pm EDT / Noon-2.00 pm PDT)

TUESDAY September 15th
TUESDAY September 29th
NO class on September 22nd
Meeting ID: 688 524 960

Israeli Dancing From 21.00 to 23.00 CEST
(3.00-5.00 pm EDT / Noon-2.00 pm PDT)

WEDNESDAY September 16th
WEDNESDAY September 30th
NO class on September 23rd
Meeting ID: 267 833 855

Balkan Dancing

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Mainewoods 2020 E-vent Celebrating 25 Years – Sept 6

Mainewoods Dance Camp
Mainewoods 2020 E-vent!
Celebrating 25 Years of International Understanding Through Dance
Labor Day Sunday, September 6
2021 Preview Workshop
Don’t miss our Zoom workshop which kicks off our 2020 E-vent. Six Featured Guests for the 2021 camp will each teach one of their dances.
The workshop is free, but with your donation of $20 or more to the 2021 Preview Workshop, you will receive a link to the video, music, and dance notes after the workshop.
Roberto Bagnoli
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Online Israeli dance workshop this Saturday, August 8!

If we’ve learned anything at all during this pandemic
It’s that our finding fun should be anything but academic!
We have options galore to dance around the world
Such opportunities help our flags come unfurled.
Are you stuck in a rut?  Now try other things!
Social distancing allows us to stretch our dance wings!
Try this and try that – there’s nothing to lose
We can go anywhere virtually, do anything we choose!
I strongly suggest that you join us on Saturday
When an Israeli dance workshop will be underway.
Aaron Alpert’s the leader and he’s ready to rock
Don’t hesitate, everyone to this workshop should flock!
Links of importance for August 8
  • The log-in link can be found here on the Folk Arts Center’s website.
  • Donations to support this workshop and the Folk Arts Center of New England can be made by clicking here.
Looking ahead – August 15 and 22
  • August 15: Richard Powers, regaling us with a history of the evolution of swing dance, highlighting in particular the Big Apple dance club in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • August 22: Gergana Panova, joining us for the first time online as she presents Bulgarian dances with charm and enthusiasm!
Take my […]
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Westside Classics Zoom Yemenite style/Mizrahi and Debka Dance Classics June 14

Save the date!!!
Sunday, June 14, 2020
Westside Classics will present a Zoom night of Yemenite style/Mizrahi and debka dance classics!!!
Dances created up to the year 2000.

Co hosted by Joan, Latishya, and Aaron

7-9:30 pm Pacific time

Zoom ID:
994 374 8953

Password :

Please send me your dance requests by Wednesday.

See you then!!!!!!!
If Zoom is full I will try to broadcast on Facebook live.

Hopefully the next one scheduled for September will be live!!!

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Erica Goldman Israeli Dance Workshop in New England

Erica Goldman
Israeli Dance Workshop

Saturday, May 30, 2020
First Workshop: 2:00pm EDT
Second Workshop: 3:00pm EDT

Online via Zoom on your nearest web browser or device!

To benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England

Join high energy Israeli dance teacher Erica Goldman and the Folk Arts Center as we present our next workshop of the socially distanced era via Zoom, the popular teleconferencing platform.

Please donate generously to FAC and help us through this period of social distancing when all of our events are postponed. We suggest a $10 minimum for attending this workshop but any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting the Folk Arts Center of New England! Donate using the button on this FACONE page.

Join Erica via Zoom by a link that will appear here by Friday, May 22. Visit What you need to join to set up your computer or device to join the workshop online.

Erica Goldman began Israeli dancing in New York as a child alongside her father, another folk dance fanatic. After many years performing with several New England […]

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Special Israeli Dances – “Virtual Harkadot” for Shavuot holiday

imageShavuot will apply on Friday May 29, 20
In honor of the holiday, I prepared for you 2 special dance sessions – “Virtual Harkadot” – on this topic:

* Harkada 43 * – Shavuot Dances, Circles:
* Harkada 44 * – Shavuot Dances, Couples:

These “virtual Harkadot” join over 50 “Virtual Harkadot” on various topics that you can watch your leisure, on the ROKDIM Website:
One click on the image at Rokdim homepage opens the dance list and a second click on the Red Button opens the dance video for your dancing enjoyment.

Yaron Meishar, Rokdim

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Rokdim Be’Yachad on Sunday May 24

Rokdim Be'YachadGet ready for Shavuot with a great night of dancing! Ronit, Sagi, Aaron, Orly, Yehuda, Rina, and Ronnie come together to put on an awesome program, with guest choreographers Michael, Elad, Gadi, Ilai, Tamir Scherzer, Almog, and Yuval! Plus, holiday greetings from many more Israeli dance figures.

How to Join
Wednesday, May 24, 2020
5:00-9:30pm Pacific (San Francisco)
Click here to find your time zone!

  • New York, USA Sun, May 24, 2020 at 8:00 pm EDT
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina Sun, May 24, 2020 at 9:00 pm ART
  • London, United Kingdom Mon, May 25, 2020 at 1:00 am BST
  • Paris, France Mon, May 25, 2020 at 2:00 am CEST
  • Tel Aviv, Israel Mon, May 25, 2020 at 3:00 am IDT
  • Melbourne, Australia Mon, May 25, 2020 at 10:00 am AEST

Zoom meeting: 402-121-0552
Password: TOGETHER

Click here to Join!

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Folk Dance Weekend Memorial Day 2020 Online Event

Flyer here.
Saturday, May 23

Please join us for this very special afternoon of friends and families celebrating 39 years of dancing at the land. Reconnect, listen, sing along, or clear your living room and dance to the wonderful songs that keep us together as a folk-dancing community.

Easy Zoom Connection:
No password required. For best results, check out these tips before joining: Zoom Tips

2:30 pm Arrival, Music, and Photos
2:45 Welcome and Greetings

3:00 Balkan Dance Set
3:30 Israeli Dance Set

4:15 Balkan Dance Set
4:45 Israeli Dance Set

5:30 Landladies Singing
5:50 Havdalah Service
6:00 Dinner Break (Open Sharing)
6:30 Campfire

Land Dancers Home and Donations Page:
Note there will not be dancing at Cliff’s land in the Santa Cruz mountains this weekend!

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Roberto Virtual Israeli Dance Party May 24

Israel FestMessage from Roberto Bagnoli in Italy:
Hi, how are you? Hope this email finds you healthy and safe.
I’d like to share with you some information about my virtual parties.

As most people are settling into self-isolation in the coming weeks, we’ve put together a calendar of virtual events that will keep our Folk Dance Community connected to both the music and the dances we all love and allow us to find new ways to share and be together while still apart.

Next special event will be an Israeli Dance Online Party on Sunday, May 24th starting at 5pm CEST (11am EST and 8am PDT), using the Zoom platform.

Join the next Zoom Meeting to see others taking part and chat:
Meeting ID: 312 594 1469

The Party is free. Please spread the word. Share it with your folk dance friends.
Looking forward to staying in touch and seeing everybody


For more information about online dancing events, request a dance or make a donation see my website:

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IsraelFEST with Roberto on Zoom

The next event will be a Israeli Dance Online Party on Sunday, May 10th starting at 5pm CEST (11am EST and 8am PDT), using the Zoom platform.

Join the next Zoom Meeting to see others taking part and chat
Meeting ID: 312 594 1469

The Party is free. Please spread the word. Share it with your folk dance friends.

Looking forward to staying in touch and seeing everybody


For more information about online dancing events, request a dance or make a donation see Roberto’s website:

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Memorial Day and Israeli Independence Day dances

In honor of Israel Independence Day, I have compiled 5 special Israeli dance NEW collections at:

  1. Harkada #24 (, Dances in honor of Israeli Memorial Day. Please read the description when the image is clicked.
  2. Harkada #25 ( and #26 (, are dances that correspond to the songs about the Israeli Independence Day evening celebrations.
  3. Harkada #27 ( and #28 ( are dances about Israeli Independence Day itself. Join us as we take a “virtual dance trip” to Israel: we begin in the Galilee/north of the country and continue south along the Jordan River, to the Sea of Galilee, passing to Mt Gilboa and then south through the Jordan valley to the Dead Sea and then going up to Jerusalem. (“Harkada #19” is dedicated solely to Jerusalem)
  4. Our trip continues at Harkada #28 as we go down south from Jerusalem through Beer Sheva to Eilat and Sharm A-Sheich (we will not return to […]
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Zoom-Cali Israeli Dance Virtually on Zoom

This week, Orly and I are excited to welcome the amazing Michael Barzelai, choreographer of favorites like Normali, Aneni, Salam, Shneinu, and many more. We’ll be celebrating Israel’s 72nd birthday with lots of Yom Ha’atzmaut dances!

Join us Wed., Apr. 29, 6-9pm Pacific, on Zoom (meeting ID: 512-501-420, password: balagan), or just click below.

Click to join! (Password: balagan)

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Dance with Ira Weisburd Date Change Update

Due to the fact that YOM HASHOAH & YOM HAZIKARON fall on Monday night, April 20th and Monday night, April 27th, I have moved the virtual class (below) to Wednesday, April 22nd and Wednesday, April 29th at 2:30pm EDT.

I am sending this out to all of you on my mailing list and am posting this here on my facebook page where the class takes place:

Let us all take this time to remember the victims of the Holocaust and the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism. We will celebrate YOM HA-ATZMAUT on Wednesday, April 29th !! The Playlist for Wednesday is attached below !!

Stay safe, stay well, stay home & stay strong


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Yiddish Song Workshop Sunday April 19

From Sara Ferholt on the eefc list serv:

From my dear friend Jeanie Lewicki, Yiddishist and singer of incomparable prowess and passion and humor:

Hi friends, so this is strange. I’m teaching an online workshop on Yiddish song this Sunday, April 19, 2pm Pacific time, for KlezCalifornia. It’s free! You can shelter in place with me & some great Yiddish folksingers of the past! This presentation will let you sing along while reading lyrics & simultaneous English translations. We’ll consider what makes a singer “sound Yiddish” (ornaments, timing, attitude); practice some easy techniques; & hear some funny beautiful inspirational songs (rated G, well, maybe PG-13). It’s a zoom workshop but you don’t need a zoom account to join. You do need to RSVP to KlezCal with a user name & an email address or phone number so they can send you a password & link to join in. Please RSVP in advance to .
For more info:

P.S. KlezCalifornia has decided to make their upcoming series of workshops free for all. There will be a brief rap about the non-profit org at the beginning & end of the workshop. xox j

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Israeli Dance Videos Collections from ROKDIM

Collections of dance music and videos from ROKDIM

During these days of staying at home, I prepared for you dance music and videos for your dancing enjoyment, alone or with partners.

Some of the collections are from my Harkada at Dizengoff Center, and additional collections by theme, that I created. Going forward I will create more collections, which you will be able to see at the ROKDIM homepage:

To help me decide whether to continue investing the time, I ask for your feedback on these collections. You can also request dances that you love.

Each link below leads to a dance page on the site, which includes the dance namesIn order to watch the video, press the red button   “Dance With us”

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yaron Meishar

Here are the links for each dance collection:

1. Beginner Dancing at Dizengoff Center:

2. Advanced Dancing 1 at Dizengoff Center

3. Advanced Dancing 2 at Dizengoff Center:

4. Advanced Dancing 3 at Dizengoff Center:

5. Advanced Dancing 4 at Dizengoff Center:

6. […]

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Dance with Ira Weisburd Update

See Ira’s recent post about his Facebook Live Dancing classes here.

Here’s the list of dances Ira did on April 4 (Saturday morning).

Ira’s upcoming events are here.


  • every TUESDAY (LINE DANCE 10:30am – 12:30pm EDT [7:30am PDT]),
  • every MONDAY (ISRAELI DANCE 7pm – 9:30pm EDT [4pm PDT]).

These classes are FREE !!

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Israeli Folk Dances for Children

From Yaron Meishar (pre-recorded Israeli dance collections):

Folk dances for children

When we are at home all days and have children with us looking for activity…

I made for you a children’s dance string that I teach and dance in the children gardens where I work.

You can also dance with your grandchildren with your Smartphone… in the distance and the dances are definitely suitable for elementary school children as well.

Dance and enjoy:

Enjoy, Yaron Meishar

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