“East Coast” Virtual Camp August 14 – 16, 2020

Happy Saturday, everyone!
After a really fun “West Coast” weekend, we’ve decided to do it again–with an East Coast twist. Join us for our second Virtual Camp on August 14-16, 2020. Our website will update with faculty and performers as they’re added, and you can register here. Read on for additional details!
In 1977, the EEFC offered the first of many wonderful getaway Balkan Music & Dance Workshops. In 2020, we’re excited to roll with the punches and debut our online edition, which you can enjoy from the comfort of home.
Thanks to high-speed internet, we continue to welcome new friends and old to our community of musicians, singers, dancers, and those who love them. Beginners and advanced practitioners will continue to “rub shoulders” while benefiting from the expertise of our extraordinary teaching staff and enjoying bliss-inducing live-music performances. We can’t provide the traditional rustic redwoods setting nor a superb glamping experience in the Catskills, but this Virtual Camp weekend retains our signature style—an immersive learning experience that opens hearts and minds to the beauty of Balkan music, dance, and culture.
The Platform
We’re using 
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Folk Dancing Activities – and calendars

Regarding the Folk Dance calendar, thanks go to Judith English for starting the Event calendar on this site in March when it was clear that it was needed to keep track of all the events, and to not miss them!

Then Noel Kropf came, and then Paul Collins joined in, and it’s clear from discussions with the three of them that the calendar is going to get better and better as time goes on, and it likely won’t be going away when we starting meeting in person again! Yay! Thank you!

The calendar will continue to be a great resource for us all, especially when we start travelling! Who can imagine that?

Right now, there are lots of calendars out there for you to refer to, besides ours. Be sure to check them out! Here are some I know about. Do you know of others? I’ll add them to this list.

Happy dancing everyone!

As our Dr. Bonnie Henry says: ‘be kind, be calm and be safe’

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Stockton Folk Dance Camp Roundtable June 20

The next step with the 2020 Stockton Folk Dance Camp will be a Q&A with 8 of our faculty where we’ll share our ideas on this year’s camp, answer your questions, and have some fun catching up with our friends.

Please join us on Facebook at 9am, Saturday June 20th (Pacific Time Zone). Just search for the Stockton Folk Dance Camp Page and you’ll see us there.

We’ll be joined live by:

  • Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu
  • Roberto Bagnoli
  • Ahmet Luleci
  • Tineke and Maurits van Geel
  • Bill Cope
  • Aaron Alpert

Also online will be some of the people putting camp on; Lisa Michael, Gordon Deeg, Bobi Ashley, and Julie East, and maybe some more .

See you there, bring your questions Our informational flyer is attached, we appreciate you forwarding this to your friends.


Adony, on behalf of the Stockton Folk Dance Camp (73rd year!)

p.s. Don’t forget to go to the FACONE live event right after our roundtable.


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Online Culture Corner with Yves Moreau and France Bourque-Moreau

Yves Moreau and France Bourque-MoreauThis Saturday, May 23, 2-4pm EDT:

ONLINE Culture Corner with Yves Moreau and France Bourque-Moreau

Join folklore specialists Yves Moreau and France Bourque-Moreau, and the Folk Arts Center as we present our next online event via Zoom. There are details about what to do in preparation for Saturday’s workshop on the Folk Art Center’s Online Events webpages: how to make your donation, and how to install Zoom on the device of your choice. We suggest a donation of $10, but of course anything above that would be gratefully accepted and most appreciated.

Yves is a grand storyteller with much knowledge of all things related to Bulgarian folk dancing; France is an expert teacher of folk dancing for children and conducts special seminars to train school teachers in this field. Her current repertoire includes hundreds of dances and rounds from all parts of the world especially designed and adapted to various age and experience levels.

This is the ninth in a series of online events featuring some of your favorite dance leaders, with the proceeds benefiting FAC. This series […]

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Virtual Cultural Talks sponsored by Helene Eriksen & ANAR DANA

Friday May 29th, 2020
Helene Eriksen and special guest Harout Arakelian
Armenian Dance and Music in the Diaspora: Fresno, CA in the 1950’s

10am-12pm PDT (UTC-7)
For your reference:
10 am PDT (UTC-7) West Coast USA =
14:00 ART (UTC-3) in Argentina =
19:00 CEST/MESZ (UTC+2) in Western Europe

As ANAR DANA has gone virtual we are now able to offer access to our cultural talks to anyone interested wherever you are in the world.

A special feature of the ANAR DANA Projects is our Cultural Talk Series. On the Friday before our rehearsal weekend we get together to learn about one of the regions of our project. I present the history and ethnography and we look at films, photos, costumes and listen to music and discuss of one of the regions in depth.
Especially now these talks are open to everyone!

Suggested donation is 15 Euros (but no one is turned away for lack of funds and we have different options for donating).

Go to for an easy button to donate. If you prefer to pay by check in the US or make a bank transfer in Europe, please contact me at

Please feel free to […]

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Dragi Spasovski podcast episode 45 published

Interested in discussions and samples of Macedonian folk songs?
David Bilides and Dragi Spasovski are back with another podcast for you in their series of expanded discussions for each of the 54 songs in Dragi’s 3-CD set.

Episode 45: Neli si se naspalo

This is a love song of the Macedonian Muslims living in the greater Šar Planina area. Dragi talks about the Isjanovska sisters, describes the Macedonian Muslim dialect, and discusses that singing tradition, both its continuity and its evolution.

You can…

1) Download the podcast directly from the site:
2) Listen to the podcast without downloading it, as an audio stream from the same page on the site;
3) Subscribe to the entire series from the same page on the site or through iTunes or similar software.
4) Get more information about the 3-CD set here:

Episodes on the site have additional audio and links discussed in the podcast.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.
Have fun listening!

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Northwest Folklife Virtual April 13-17

Next Week — Movin’ Around the World: Virtual Brings Music and Dance to Your Homes!

See all the details in the newsletter here.

Website: Movin’ Around the World: Virtual

During these times of uncertainty, Northwest Folklife and Seattle Center remain committed to uplifting our community and celebrating the arts and culture of our region while we navigate a world that requires us to remain physically apart at this time. That’s why we’re taking Movin’ Around the World online! Movin’ Around the World: Virtual, Apr. 13-17, 2020, invites youth and families to experience the cultures of our Pacific Northwest neighbors from your own home.

Starting on Monday, kids and families can participate in dance, music, and culture from local artists and culture bearers, as they showcase performances and workshops through recorded videos that will be uploaded daily onto the Movin’ Around the World: Virtual website.

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SIFD starting online Zoom dance sessions

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday, April 8, 7pm PDT) will be Surrey International Folk Dancing Society’s first online dance class using Zoom. The Zoom link has been distributed to the SIFD mailing list. If you want to join us and need the link, please contact me!

What is our repertoire, you ask? Check out the dances we’ve done lately on the Surrey Folk Dance website.

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Dance with Ira Weisburd Update

See Ira’s recent post about his Facebook Live Dancing classes here.

Here’s the list of dances Ira did on April 4 (Saturday morning).

Ira’s upcoming events are here.


  • every TUESDAY (LINE DANCE 10:30am – 12:30pm EDT [7:30am PDT]),
  • every MONDAY (ISRAELI DANCE 7pm – 9:30pm EDT [4pm PDT]).

These classes are FREE !!

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Ontario Folk Dance Association Listings

Be sure to check OFDA Upcoming Folk Dance Events

Events listed are:

Check OFDA’s website frequently for updates!

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Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi

Check out

Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi is an Emmy® Award-winning travel show on PBS, Create TV, and Amazon Prime featuring professional dancer Mickela Mallozzi as she experiences the world, one dance at a time!

Join our newsletter at
Follow us on Instagram: @TravelBareFeet
Watch us on YouTube: TravelBareFeet Channel

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Trakya 2008 – The movie from Yves Moreau

From the EEFC List:

Dear EEFC friends,

In these exceptional times during which many of us are confined in our homes, I invite you to watch a delightful documentary (95 min) produced by my daughter Catherine Moreau.
Synopsis : In July 2008, Yves Moreau and his Japanese friend Hironobu Senzaki celebrated their 60th birthday with a unique and exciting folklore journey through Thrace, the rich cultural region shared by Bulgaria (Тракия), Greece (Θράκη) and Turkey (Trakya).  90 people from all over the world gathered to take part in «Trakya 2008».
More than just a trip, this extraordinary event proved that dancing, singing and musical traditions can transcend borders and create a spirit of friendship and unity.

Warm greetings and good wishes from Montreal.

Yves Moreau

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