Chicago SummerDance in Place on YouTube

An at-home version of this Chicago summertime tradition is on YouTube. Presented by DCASE with the Chicago Park District, the reimagined series was filmed in Millennium Park and at Chicago Park district locations, featuring skyline views and iconic imagery.

Following the traditional SummerDance model, each program starts with a 30-minute dance lesson, followed by 60 minutes of music performed by local artists. Dance and music styles are Line Dance (copyright issues have blocked this video in Canada), Cumbia, Swing, Bollywood & Bhangra, Salsa, and House.

All programs can be viewed on the Chicago DCASE site here.

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Special Israeli Dances – “Virtual Harkadot” for Shavuot holiday

imageShavuot will apply on Friday May 29, 20
In honor of the holiday, I prepared for you 2 special dance sessions – “Virtual Harkadot” – on this topic:

* Harkada 43 * – Shavuot Dances, Circles:
* Harkada 44 * – Shavuot Dances, Couples:

These “virtual Harkadot” join over 50 “Virtual Harkadot” on various topics that you can watch your leisure, on the ROKDIM Website:
One click on the image at Rokdim homepage opens the dance list and a second click on the Red Button opens the dance video for your dancing enjoyment.

Yaron Meishar, Rokdim

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Northwest Folklife Festival May 23-25

Presented by Seattle Cancer Care AllianceFrom Home to Home: Northwest Folklife Festival will take place online May 23-25, 2020 at Created in partnership with Seattle Center, From Home to Home: Northwest Folklife Festival is a virtual festival that features multiple program channels and a virtual marketplace that will bring together local culture bearers, artists, creatives, sponsors, and merchants all on one platform.

Full List of Program Channels
Meet the Artists
View the Full Schedule

Of note:
– Helen Eriksen & Anar Dana: Saturday, 11 AM
– Dromeno live dance party: Sunday, 5:35 PM
– Dunava Balkan Women’s Choir video premier: Sunday, 6:10 PM

Suggested Daily Donation: $20 per person | $30 per family
Committed to Access for All | Powered by Your Donations

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Dragi Spasovski podcast episode 45 published

Interested in discussions and samples of Macedonian folk songs?
David Bilides and Dragi Spasovski are back with another podcast for you in their series of expanded discussions for each of the 54 songs in Dragi’s 3-CD set.

Episode 45: Neli si se naspalo

This is a love song of the Macedonian Muslims living in the greater Šar Planina area. Dragi talks about the Isjanovska sisters, describes the Macedonian Muslim dialect, and discusses that singing tradition, both its continuity and its evolution.

You can…

1) Download the podcast directly from the site:
2) Listen to the podcast without downloading it, as an audio stream from the same page on the site;
3) Subscribe to the entire series from the same page on the site or through iTunes or similar software.
4) Get more information about the 3-CD set here:

Episodes on the site have additional audio and links discussed in the podcast.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.
Have fun listening!

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Dancin’ in the Seats

Steve Weintraub is offering Facebook Live sessions –

Dancin’ in the Seats is a unique program of seated dances to a variety of music. They are simple, fun, and get the whole body moving. Because they are seated, there is no worry about losing one’s balance, or bumping into things or tripping while moving around. All ages and abilites find these dances delightful.

These are all seated dances!

See Steve’s Facebook page:

Times: M/W at 11:00 AM and T/Th at 3:00 PM ET

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Folk Dance with Henry on YouTube

Henry’s new YouTube channel offers International Folk Music and Dance videos. Everyone can learn and dance these folk dances without attending a formal session or if there are no opportunities in your area. This channel is hosted by Henry Temchin, a long time folk dancer currently living in Greenacres, Florida.

Henry has uploaded over 100 folk dance videos in only one month (since 2 March 2020).

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Memorial Day and Israeli Independence Day dances

In honor of Israel Independence Day, I have compiled 5 special Israeli dance NEW collections at:

  1. Harkada #24 (, Dances in honor of Israeli Memorial Day. Please read the description when the image is clicked.
  2. Harkada #25 ( and #26 (, are dances that correspond to the songs about the Israeli Independence Day evening celebrations.
  3. Harkada #27 ( and #28 ( are dances about Israeli Independence Day itself. Join us as we take a “virtual dance trip” to Israel: we begin in the Galilee/north of the country and continue south along the Jordan River, to the Sea of Galilee, passing to Mt Gilboa and then south through the Jordan valley to the Dead Sea and then going up to Jerusalem. (“Harkada #19” is dedicated solely to Jerusalem)
  4. Our trip continues at Harkada #28 as we go down south from Jerusalem through Beer Sheva to Eilat and Sharm A-Sheich (we will not return to […]
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World Dance For Humanity Building Community During The Covid Crisis

During normal times, World Dance offers daily classes in Santa Barbara, with all proceeds going to our work in Rwanda, where we are helping 11,500 genocide survivors lift themselves out of poverty.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we suspended our regular classes, but we were determined to help people sheltering at home by providing a fun, free, uplifting daily dance experience.
Since the start of the shut-down, we’ve been offering daily dance classes on Zoom. It’s been wonderful, bringing together people isolated at home…through dance! Many of us are dancing every day now, increasing our stamina, strength, and flexibility. Beyond that, we’re enjoying a big dose of community, social connection, and joy!

We offer a new array of music and dance styles each day, from belly dance to Bhangra, mambo to Motown, samba to swing. The dances are simple enough for beginners to follow, but varied and challenging enough to keep experienced dancers interested and inspired. The participants come from Santa Barbara (where we’re based), and from Italy, England, France, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Africa!

We have also put our classes on YouTube so people can follow along at home anytime—beginner to more advanced dances. Our latest offering is a “gentle” class: […]

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Dancing Well At Home Especially for Kids

Dancing Well at Home

Come Join Us and have fun with “Dancing Well at Home”

Here are dance sessions Especially For Kids of veteran and military families, but ALL ARE WELCOME! These recorded videos are available free of charge 24 hours each day. To join the live fun, tune in to Facebook/DancingWell Wednesdays at 4pm EST.

For further information see the dancing well at home website.

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Virtual Dancing for Disabilities

Helen Winkler and her daughter Rita (who has Down syndrome) are regularly posting a series of Youtube and Facebook dances that they call Living Room Dances because they occur in their living room.  These dances all come from an adapted dance program that Helen teaches in Toronto for people who have intellectual disabilities.  Some are modified folk dances and others are dances that they have created within their dance community to suit their participants.  They intend to continue with their weekly postings until they have recorded all the dances that their group has done over the past 14 years: is the site where they archive everything.

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Yves Moreau Posted Videos

Yves Moreau is posting videos regularly on his Facebook page. What a treat!

Today’s dance (#5) is KRIVO PLOVDIVSKO HORO (11/8), from the region of Plovdiv in West Trakiya, Bulgaria. Presented in February 2015 at the Rivieradance! workshop organized by Cathy Meunier in Torquay (England). Videotaping of the review session by Ron Wilks. See video here.

Today's dance (#5) is KRIVO PLOVDIVSKO HORO (11/8), from the region of Plovdiv in West Trakiya, Bulgaria. Presented in February 2015 at the Rivieradance! workshop organized by Cathy Meunier in Torquay (England). Videotaping of the review session by Ron Wilks.

Posted by Yves Moreau on Monday, April 13, 2020

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Northwest Folklife Virtual April 13-17

Next Week — Movin’ Around the World: Virtual Brings Music and Dance to Your Homes!

See all the details in the newsletter here.

Website: Movin’ Around the World: Virtual

During these times of uncertainty, Northwest Folklife and Seattle Center remain committed to uplifting our community and celebrating the arts and culture of our region while we navigate a world that requires us to remain physically apart at this time. That’s why we’re taking Movin’ Around the World online! Movin’ Around the World: Virtual, Apr. 13-17, 2020, invites youth and families to experience the cultures of our Pacific Northwest neighbors from your own home.

Starting on Monday, kids and families can participate in dance, music, and culture from local artists and culture bearers, as they showcase performances and workshops through recorded videos that will be uploaded daily onto the Movin’ Around the World: Virtual website.

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Folkdance workshop with Dimitar Petrov (Mitko)

Click here for Online workshop on YouTube

If you like the video, please share it with your friends who like dancing.

I want everyone to be able to watch the video and dance with me. Don’t worry if you can’t make a donation, I know some people have very hard times now, many lost their job, just like me. A smaller or greater donation for those who can afford it is ok. Be healthy and enjoy dancing! – Mitko 

Mitko’s website

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Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi

Check out

Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi is an Emmy® Award-winning travel show on PBS, Create TV, and Amazon Prime featuring professional dancer Mickela Mallozzi as she experiences the world, one dance at a time!

Join our newsletter at
Follow us on Instagram: @TravelBareFeet
Watch us on YouTube: TravelBareFeet Channel

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Israeli Folk Dances for Children

From Yaron Meishar (pre-recorded Israeli dance collections):

Folk dances for children

When we are at home all days and have children with us looking for activity…

I made for you a children’s dance string that I teach and dance in the children gardens where I work.

You can also dance with your grandchildren with your Smartphone… in the distance and the dances are definitely suitable for elementary school children as well.

Dance and enjoy:

Enjoy, Yaron Meishar

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Special Shabbat Dances

From Yaron Meishar (pre-recorded Israeli dance collections):

Friends, dancers,

Waiting for Shabbat, I prepared for you 2 dance collections, the lesser known and the ones that dance to this days. The main thing is that the songs are beautiful and symbolize the Sabbath. You are invited to dance with the instructors

Take care, keep yourself!!!

Collection No. 1 – Friday towards Saturday:

Collection No. 2 – Shabbat Ha’Malka:

If you don’t have a VIP on the “Dancing” site yet, it’s time to support us now:

Enjoy, Yaron Meishar

Note: the first collection below is actually “Collection No. 1 – Friday towards Saturday”

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List of Dances from Loui

For the Thursday group that meets in Saratoga, California.
Because we cannot meet together in person to dance for a while, I have put together a video list for you. – Loui

And — just for fun — Hand Clap Skit

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Israeli Dancing from Yaron Meishar

These days, when we’re all at home, and want to dance a bit, I’ve prepared you two dance sequences (I’ll do more soon), from my dance session at Dizengoff Center, on Tuesdays.

Beginning at 6pm:
Continuing from 7pm:

Welcome to dance with us now at home, and if you like the repertoire, we’d love to see you with us on Tuesdays, after the flood …

Enjoy, Yaron Meishar

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